Picote Maxi Miller with tools

Picote Maxi Miller with tools

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Designed For cleaning, descaling, root removal, lateral reinstatement's and more in the size range of DN100 - DN250 pipe work. The Maxi Miller from Picote is the beast of the Picote range due to its strength and capability built into a light weight chassis


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  • Technical Specifications

    • Length 30m of 12mm shaft with thick outter casing. (10m extention avalibleseparately)
    • Suitable for cleaning DN70 - DN250 pipes.
    • Use with DN100 - DN250 Tools
    • Mini weighs 89kg, 500 - 1475rpm.
    • Digital clutch for operators safety 
    • 110V 32amp UK site plug for use with 3KVA 32amp Transformer 
    • Lightweight aluminium frame.
    • Two back wheels and two side wheels
    • Perfect to work inside and outside buildings.
    • Excludes tools. 
    • 240v options available for export only, please contact us for more information
  • CJK Super Midi / Maxi Miller Starter Kit Includes

    • Cyclone Chain DN100/12mm For PVC Pipes
    • Cyclone Chain DN150/12mm for PVC Pipes
    • Original Chain DN100/12mm for PVC pipes
    • Original Chain DN125-150/12mm for PVC pipes
    • Cyclone Circular Chain DN100/12mm
    • Cyclone Circular Chain DN150/12mm
    • Original Chain DN100/12mm
    • Original Chain DN125-150/12mm shaft
    • Combo Hex Key 1-6mm
    • Miller Shaft Lubricant per bottle
    • Hub 12 5x50x100 A6 for DN100 & DN150
    • Side Grinding Panel 100x100 12 pcs
    • 3x Leader 12mm 500mm
    • Picote Tool Bag
    • Total value £1032.23 + VAT

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