Picote Mini Cleaner

Picote Mini Cleaner

SKU: 3540000816UK

Picote's Mini Cleaner has been designed with plumbers in mind.

For use within the size range of 32mm - 100mm, this pint-sized powerhouse can clean and descale p-traps, pool lines, urinals, toilet stacks and more. With a shaft length of 16m and the flexibility to navigating 90° bends, the Mini Cleaner from Picote can easily tackle those tough hard to reach blockages. The Mini Cleaner also features an emergency stop switch and safety clutch, ensuring the operator's safety. Included with the Mini cleaner is a 32mm & 40mm tool package containing 32mm & 40mm cleaning brushes, 32mm & 40mm cleaning chains, and 32mm & 40mm polishing panels and hub.More tools are available separately.

More tools are available separately 


  • Technical Specifications


    • Length 16m of 8mm shaft.
    • Suitable for drain cleaning DN32 - DN100 pipes.
    • Use with DN32 & DN100 Tools
    • Mini weighs 26.5kg, 600 - 2900rpm, 1100w output.
    • 110V UK site plug 
    • Lightweight aluminium frame.
    • Two wheels and extendable pulling handle facilitate transportation.
    • Perfect to work inside buildings.
    • Includes 32mm & 40mm chains, brushes and a smart cutter. 
    • 230v options available for export only, please contact us for more information

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