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The innovative solution for renovating defective small diameter pipes

BRAWOLINER ® is a “no-dig” sewer rehabilitation system for repairing damaged drains and sewers without the need to carry out disruptive excavations. When using the Brawoliner system, there is no disruption or damage to the property and no need for time-consuming pipe laying or reinstatement work. This not only saves time and disruption to the customer but also money.


Benefits of Brawoliner

BRAWOLINER was developed especially for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes (50 to 400mm) with multiple bends of up to 90° and can accommodate up to two changes in pipe diameter. Our particularly efficient method of sewer rehabilitation offers numerous benefits: 

  • Quick renovation without dirt and noise

  • Substantially lower costs than traditional excavation methods

  • Complies with BSEN ISO 11296-4:211 and WRC CP308 standards 

  • Renovation of all existing and future damage 

  • The durability of over 50 years

  • Prevents from future root penetration

  • Restores water tightness

Additionally the Brawoliner HT rehabilitation system meets all structural requirements and complies with exacting DIBt approval for the rehabilitation of drainage systems within buildings. 

The system consists of the Brawoliner HT-liners and special formulated BRAWO® HT-resin. providing  stability under heat of over 93 °C BRAWOLINER® rehabilitation:

tested BRAWOLINER® rehabilitation:

Seamless Construction

Brawoliner's seam-free construction pipe liner guarantees maximum flexibility and thus optimal adjustment of the liner to the course of the pipe.


Training & Support

Courses available on request

We understand the importance of training and can offer a wide range of training options on the Brawoliner method, courses are held regularly at our Peterborough facility and at Brawoliner in Germany. Should you need that little bit of extra support, we can also offer on-site  support and consultancy. Please Get in touch for more information.

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