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MC Building Chemicals

Recognised specialists in rail, road, petrochemical & general civil engineering


Manhole and Chamber renovation

From walk-in sewers to the smallest manhole MC Construction Chemicals have a vast range of remedial and refurbishment products for renovation within our OMBRAN range. These include Leak sealing, water stop injection systems, concrete repair systems, and protective coatings that provide a leak-tight chemical-resistant solution. The above systems provide a fast turnaround and refurbish manholes and chambers to a 'better than new standard.

Pipe Rehabilitation

MC Building Chemicals are Europe's leading manufacturer of resins for sewer pipe rehabilitation. The MC range includes ultra-high chemical-resistant epoxy resins for both full-length drain liners and part liner repairs. All products are factory pre-mixed with a wide range of set times available to ensure that almost any length and diameter of the host pipe can be relined.

MC_Liner-Grafik NEU.jpg

MC Fastpack

The lock and load injection system from MC Building Chemicals

Our MC Fastpack injection system is a fast and affordable solution for sealing cracks and voids in manholes and chambers. The injection Gun requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t require solvents for cleaning. Because the system uses pre-measured cartridges, there is no mixing or measuring required and minimal material wastage. MC-fastpack inject LE is a closed-cell rapid foaming Polyurethane based elastomer which is REACh-assured. The two-part resin reacts and expands up to 10-20 times its original volume. Sealing leaks and filling voids in the process.


Easy to use

  • The ready-to-use system with pre-set mixing ratio.

  • No material wastage through mixing up too much material & no thinners required

  • No additional waste disposal of liquid waste or reacted materials

  • Ensures the optimal viscosity as mixing occurs just before injection

  • Lower purchase cost compared to traditional pumps

  • No maintenance required