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The Flexible Trenchless Localised Repair Systems

Multi-Kit ® pipe repair is a new and innovative reduced waste solution to localised pipe repairs. Designed, packaged and distributed by C J Kelly International Ltd. One Multi-Kit pipe repair is capable of 4”-6” (DN100 / DN150) straight, radial or transitional drainage pipe repairs.

The Multi-Kit Family 

The Multi-Kit family of Products has grown. We've taken the ethos of our pipe repair kits and applied it to our new manhole leak sealing kit, Lateral sealing system and cannon shot range. Providing installers with stress-free, premium quality repair systems with minimal environmental waste 

Multi kit MC fast Pack leak injection

Reducing Waste

We’ve reduced our kit weight significantly compared to traditional localised repair kits on the market. This weight saving is mainly due to several single-use plastics being removed from the box, including a single-use protective groundsheet. To replace this groundsheet, we offer an optional “Board for life”, our Board for life is lightweight, durable, reusable and more importantly, recyclable. Our goal is to continue Multi-Kit's development to reduce plastic waste even further.

Plastic Bag on Beach

Why Choose Multi-Kit Pipe Repair

  • Cost-effective pipe & drain repair

  • Convenient & easy to use

  • Permanent & watertight pipe repair

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Suitable for transitional repairs

  • Reduced plastic waste compared to traditional patch repair kits

  • High quality low odour silicate resin

Multi kit pipe repair

Multi-Kit Contents

  • 700mm Long Brawoliner® TX 3D

  • MC Chemicals silicate resin

  • 2 pairs of nitrile gloves

  • 4 elastic bands


  • Specifically designed inflation packer capable of 100-150 straight and radial repairs

  • 20micron 400mm/300m protective packer film 

  • 1200mm/800mm Wet out, board for life 

  • 20x Multi-Kit Bulk buy options including 20 multi kits with a free wet outboard for life and protective film.

Multi kit piper repair open box


Download Now

Multi-Kit Pipe Repair Instructions

Need to know how to install a multi kit? hit that download button

Resin Data Sheets & Cure Times

All the details & cure times of our resin can be found here,

Material Safety Data Sheets Part A

The most exciting and life-changing material safety data sheet you'll ever read, until part B, that is.

Material Safety Data Sheets Part B

You thought part A was exciting, well strap in you lucky duck here's the sequel AKA part B

Training & Support

Courses available on request

We understand the importance of training and can offer a wide range of training options on the Multi-Kit method, courses are held regularly at our Peterborough facility. Please Get in touch for more information.

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