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Houseliner Systems

By Sacpro Oy

Houseliner by Sacpro AB. Sacpro AB was established in 1988 as a supplier of innovative tools and materials for the renovation of sewers, pipes, and ducts within buildings. With these high-quality, specially adapted tools and materials, Sacpro AB has become one of Scandinavia's leading names.


Houseliner FL, The flexible choice

Houseliner FL is your go-to liner. Available in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses from DN30 all the way to DN400 and wall thickness from 2,5 to 5mm you can be sure to find the correct liner for your application. With its 100% PES fibre construction and TPU coating, Houseliner FL can easily navigate up to 90° bends and changes in diameter. Houseliner FL is also suitable for a wide variety of curing options including ambient, Smart Heat,  hot water, or steam curing up to 80°C. Whatever your needs may be, Houseliner FL can almost for certain fulfill your demands.

Houseliner Epoxy, 

Fast, Medium, Slow, and Hot Cure, Houseliner offers a choice of epoxy resins tailored to suit most liners and required cure times. Fast – cures in 3 hours at 20°Celcius but still gives you approx. 18 minutes of working time. Medium – cures in 6 hours at 20°Celcius and gives you approx. 42 minutes of working time. Slow – cures in 12 hours at 20°Celcius and gives you approx. 3 hours of working time. Hot Cure – made for steam or hot water curing with the additional benefit of high-temperature resistance. Working time approx. 70 minutes. Houseliner Resin releases no environmentally hazardous substances when fully cured.


Houseliner Systems EXO range

The Houseliner brand is expanding to include great-performing installation equipment like the EXO 700 inversion drum.

The EXO 700 extruder is a capable all-rounder and supports all liner curing methods. In addition, the EXO 700 features include; stowage points for the nozzles, clips and cordless drills, removable wheels and frame, a viewing light and last but not least, a substantial one-lever opening sight glass for easy access inside the extruder. 

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