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Quality comes as standard.

Härke GmbH & Co. KG established in 1934 to manufacture equipment and machinery for pipe and sewer cleaning. Now they offer an extensive range of pipe stoppers, leak testing equipment, and flexible drain repair packers. Quality comes as standard.

100-150 Bendy Packer
DN50-80 Pencil Packer
DN225-300 Bendy packer

Drain repair packers, stoppers and more.

Every drainage repair packer, test plug, and high-pressure stopper is made to the highest quality by Härke, who has over 40 years of experience. The quality of each stopper and packer is checked before dispatch by our trained personnel. Our high-pressure stoppers, pipe plugs and packers are not only used nationwide but across Europe. 

Below you'll see a selection of our more popular packers, you'll find a larger selection of packers in our shop.

Flexible Multi Use Packers

The construction of Härke's flexible bendy packers and special rubber compounds ensures a high degree of flexibility, allowing for a near crease-free repair of U-bends and bends of up to 90°. This packer is also capable of straight repairs making it very unique in the market place. Härke's range of bendy packers covers start from DN70 - DN300 and are available in different lengths to suit your requirements. Due to their special construction, all Härke sewer and drainage repair packers can be repaired and completely recovered if needed.

 DN50-80 Pencil Packer

Härke's specially designed flexible pencil packer is capable of near crease-free repairs in the size range of DN50-80

Pushing Packers

The latest generation of pushed into place drainage repair packers from Härke are designed with a fiberglass rod through its core, attaching at its head. This effectively means whilst it's being pushed into place the packer body is actually being pulled by its head, making it easier to push into position. Härke's range of pushing packers start from DN70 - DN400 and are available in different lengths to suit your requirements.

Addational Equipment

packer safety valve

2.5 Bar Saftey aramture

  • Our safety armature has been specifically designed to work with Härke packers. The safety armature prevents the packer from being over-inflated past its recommended 2.5 bar working pressure.

Training & Support

Courses available on request

We understand the importance of training and can offer a wide range of training options. Courses are held regularly at our Peterborough facility. Please Get in touch for more information.

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