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Houseliner Systems, expands its range

Introducing the EXO 700 Extruder

Here at C J Kelly, we've quickly become huge fans of the Houseliner product range from Sacpro Oy. Their CIPP liners and epoxy resin have become popular in the UK thanks to their excellent reliability and performance. So it is no surprise that the Houseliner brand is expanding to include great performing installation equipment like the EXO 700 inversion drum.

The EXO 700 extruder is a capable all-rounder and supports all liner curing methods. In addition, the EXO 700 features include; stowage points for the nozzles, clips and cordless drills, removable wheels and frame, a viewing light and last but not least, a substantial one-lever opening sight glass for easy access inside the extruder.

We're excited to open Pre-Orders now for delivery in summer 2023. So to order your EXO700 please get in touch.

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