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CJK Mini Miller starter tool set

CJK Mini Miller Starter Kit (8mm)


We've compiled the most common 8mm tools we sell daily for use with Picote's Mini Miller and bundled them in a Picote tool bag, creating a great grab-and-go tool solution for your Picote Mini Miller. This Kit is only available directly from CJKelly International Ltd


CJK Mini Miller Starter Kit Includes

  • Miller Shaft Lubricant per bottle
  • Tool Bag Extra Small (28x13x10cm)
  • Combo Hex Key 1-6mm
  • Cyclone Chain DN100 8mm shaft for PVC pipes
  • Cyclone Circular Chain DN100/8mm
  • Original Chain DN100/8mm for PVC Pipes
  • Original Chain DN125-150 8mm shaft for PVC pipes
  • Original Chain DN100/8mm shaft
  • Original Chain DN125-150/8mm shaft
  • Hub 8.5x35x50 A
  • Side Grinding Panel with Wedge 50x100 12 pcs
  • Hub Disc 0x35x6
  • Original Chain DN50/8mm shaft
  • Original Chain DN50/8mm for PVC Pipes
  • Total value £590.40 plus VAT
    Excluding Sales Tax