DAD Manhole key set

DAD Manhole key set


The purpose of a Universal Manhole cover lifting key is that there are variations of eyelets on manhole covers and access chambers, there does not seem to be enough tools to lift them, there is now with our new Universal Key Kit

Examples are you may need to lift a road cover with a 33mm t-slot or a driveway with a 22mm t-slot, side entry covers that need hooks or drainpipe gratings, you may be in a supermarket and the covers are screwed down or in a pub or council office again screwed down. Also the water turn off taps at the back of the sink or the boxed in toilets with that stopcock tap you just cannot reach. There are a few variations there for you to see, our Universal key kit may well fit those,

What you get in a kit


All parts are made from Carbon steel for strength and are Zink plated for protection.


All parts are independently destruction tested by Lloyds British testing and certificated with a Safe Working load of 250kgs (1000kgs straight pull test)


Remember this kit is destruction tested and certificated by Lloyds British testing so is great for health and safety.


The different amounts of tips allows engineers to be fitted with correct lifting apparatus rather than struggle in some cases.


Prices includes next working day delivey, 

  • Kit Contents

    2 x 440mm long handles with interchangeable quick release end

    2 x 33mm t-tips

    2 x 22mm t-tips

    2 x 10mm hook tips

    2 x 10mm screw tips

    2 x 12mm screw tips

    2 x 16mm screw adaptors

    1 x short stopcock tip

    1 x long stopcock tip free in the case

    1 x roll sack

    1 x instructions


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