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HSFSM Milwauke M18 drain cleaning

Milwaukee M18 FUEL High-Speed Flexible Shaft Machine + CC Chain Kit

Say goodbye to stubborn clogs with the power of the M18 High-Speed Flexible Shaft Machine. This innovative drain cleaning tool offers versatility and efficiency, quickly working even the toughest blockages. It's powerful performance and flexible design make it a must-have for any plumbing professional. This special bundle from C J Kelly International is designed to make drain cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. 


The Milwaukee High-Speed Flex Shaft Machine already comes with a great selection of chains suitable for cleaning PVC pipes. This bundle adds the carbide-tipped chains required to tackle those tougher descaling tasks in cast iron pipework and removing hard deposits within the pipe.


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    M18™ High Speed Flexible Shaft Machine
    M18 HSFSM-122

    • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
    • Battery System: M18™
    • Cable Length: 23 m
    • Cable Diameter: 8 mm
    • Pipe Diameter: 32 – 110 mm
    • No Load Speed: 600 – 2200 rpm
    • All-terrain Wheels
    • ONE-KEY™
    • Weight with Battery Pack: 29.5 kg (M18 HNRG)

    Kit Includes:

    • 1x M18™ High Speed Flexible Shaft Machine
    • 1x32-40 mm chain for PVC
    • 1x50 mm chain for PVC
    • 1x75 mm chain for PVC
    • 1x110 mm chain for PVC
    • 1x 500 ml Oil,
    • 1x set screw + tool

    Milwaukee HSFSM Carbide Chain Kit Contents 

    • 1x Penetrating Head
    • 1x HSFSM-CC3240 Chain 32 - 40m
    • 1x HSFM-CC50 Chain 50mm
    • 1x HSFM-CC75 Chain 75mm
    • 1x HSFM-CC110 Chain 110m
    • 1x Metric Folding Hex Key Set 8PC

    NRG 122 Battery Kit

    • 2x 12AH M18 batteries
    • 1x M12-18 FC Charger
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