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Picote Inversion Drum DN500

Picote Inversion Drum DN500

Packed with Functionality and a host of accessories, the Picote lining inversion drum range offers contractors an easy and practical solution for installing CIPP lining.


Available in 3 sizes: 350, 500 and 700. The Central axle and drum whee gives the operator complete control of the inversion speed, while the sight window allows for easy monitoring of what's happening inside the drum.


To Ensure the installation angle is appropriate for pipe location, all three drums have directional nozzles. The 500 & 700 models feature a drum rotation latch that allows the main body to rotate on the rolling chassis, offering a straight shot in tricky situations.


  • All Picote Drums are CE-certified
  • Additional tools available
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Safety valve set to 14.5 PSI ( 1 bar) 


DN500 Tech Spec

Size: 63 x 86 x 122 cm

Weight: 38KG

Liner Capacity: 18m of DN150

Curing Method: Ambient. Hot Water, Steam,

Suitable for: DN50-DN250 Liners 

Comes with DN100 & DN150 Nozzles.  

  • Technical Specifications

    Size: 63 x 86 x 112 cm
    Weight: 38KG
    Liner Capacity: 38m of DN150
    Curing Method: Ambient. Hot Water, Steam
    Suitable for: DN50-DN250 Liners
    Comes with DN100 & DN150 Nozzles

£7,424.18 Regular Price
£5,568.14Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

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