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Picote Mini Miller bundle

Picote Mini Miller Bundle

This is an exclusive Spring Promo offer! Purchase a Picote Mini Miller from C J Kelly International Ltd and get our Premium 8MM Starter Kit DN50-100  free of charge.



  • Mini 17m of 8mm shaft.
  • Suitable for drain cleaning DN50 - DN100 pipes.
  • Use with DN50 & DN70 Smart Cutters & Twisters.
  • Mini weighs 26kg, 600 - 2900rpm, 1200w output.
  • 110V UK site plug 
  • Lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Two wheels and an extendable pulling handle facilitate transportation.
  • Perfect to work inside buildings.
  • Please note tools available separately.


*Price excludes VAT. This will be added at check out. 

  • Tool kit contents

    • Includes

      1x Tool Bag
      1x 8mm Hub 8.5x35x50
      1x 8mm Hub Disc Small (0x35x6)
      1x (12pk) Side Grinding Panel 50x100
      1x 8mm Tiger Drill Chain DN100
      1x 8mm Cyclone Premium Chain DN100
      1x 8mm Original PVC Chain DN100
      1x Combo Hex Key 1-6mm
      1x 8mm Cyclone PVC Chain DN100
      1x 8mm Original Chain DN50
      1x 8mm Original PVC Chain DN50
      1x Miller Shaft Lubricant Bottle

  • Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

    Extended Warranty Offer:

    C J Kelly International Ltd is committed to ensuring our valued customers' satisfaction and peace of mind. As an expression of this commitment, we are pleased to offer you an opportunity to extend the warranty coverage for your Picote Millers purchased from
    C J Kelly International Limited. Picote initially provides a limited warranty to the original End User for one (1) year from the date of purchase. However, recognising the importance of ongoing equipment reliability, C J Kelly International Limited are introducing an exclusive extended warranty.

    Extended Warranty Option:

    Should you choose to have your equipment undergo service and inspection at the 12-month mark from the date of purchase, C J Kelly International Limited will offer an additional one (1) year warranty at no additional cost. Giving (2) years of total warranty cover

    Terms and Conditions: To take advantage of this extended warranty offer, please adhere to the following terms and conditions:
    1. Schedule a service inspection of your Picote equipment at the 12-month mark from the date of purchase from C J Kelly International Limited.
    2. Ensure the equipment is adequately maintained following Picote documentation and usage restrictions.
    3. C J Kelly International Limited, as an authorised Picote Service Centre, must perform any necessary repairs or adjustments identified during the service inspection.
    By fulfilling these requirements, you will automatically activate the extended 1 (1) year warranty, providing added protection and confidence in your Picote equipment.

    Additional Warranty Details: This extended warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship during the specified period. It does not cover damages resulting from consumable parts, normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect, improper installation or maintenance, alterations, modifications, or repairs by unauthorised parties or other exclusions outlined in the original limited warranty provided by Picote.

    Important Note: It is important to note that, except as specified in this warranty, all other express or implied conditions, representations, and warranties are excluded to the extent permitted by applicable law.
    This extended warranty offer demonstrates our dedication to your satisfaction and the reliability of Picote equipment.
    Please get in touch with our customer service team if you have any questions or wish to schedule your 12-month service inspection to activate the extended warranty.

£4,095.30 Regular Price
£3,514.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

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