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CJK Picote starter set 12mm

Premium 12MM Starter Kit DN100-150


When tackling the toughest jobs on-site, versatility is paramount. Equip yourself with the C J Kelly Premium Starter Kit. Purpose-built and filled with Picote tools to provide all the essential tools you need for high-speed drain cleaning, blockage removal, and descaling. With a comprehensive array of DN100 / 4" and DN150 / 6" tools, you'll be fully prepared to tackle any obstacle head-on

  • Includes

    1x Tool Bag
    1x Hub 40x100 
    1x Hub Disc Large (0x40x6)
    1x Side Grinding Panel 100x150 (12pk)
    1x Tiger Drill Chain DN100 
    1x Cyclone Premium Chain DN100
    1x  Original PVC Chain DN100
    1x  Combo Hex Key 1-6mm
    1x  Original Chain DN125-150
    1x  Cyclone Circular Chain DN150
    1x  2 x 12mm Leader 500mm long 
    1x  Miller Shaft Lubricant bottle

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