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RIDGID K9-102 + FlexShaft

RIDGID K9-102 + FlexShaft

SKU: 76193

Introducing the Ridgid K9-102 + Wall-to-Wall Drain Cleaning Machine, your go-to solution for mastering drain cleaning challenges with precision and confidence. Crafted with Ridgid's legacy of quality and innovation, this robust machine is tailor-made for professional plumbers and drain cleaning experts. Its versatile wall-to-wall cleaning capability make it the ideal choice for residential and industrial applications alike. The K9-102 + boasts a flexible yet rugged construction, allowing it to effortlessly navigate through pipes, bends, and traps, effectively removing debris and blockages. Elevate your drain cleaning game with the Ridgid K9-102 +



  • Increased Productivity - Faster setup and cleanup, quick cleaning, cordless convenience and easy to transport​
  • Wall-To-Wall Clean - Chain knockers expand for full pipe cleaning​
  • Simultaneous Camera Use - Inspect pipe while cleaning it out
  • Fully Enclosed System - Faster setup and cleanup to get you in and out of jobs quickly​
  • Accessories - Full range of chain knockers, brushes and accessories are available
  • Requires a standard cordless drill with clutch
  • Specification


    Cable Length 50' (15,2 m)
    Cable Diameter 1/4" (6 mm)
    Area of Application Sinks, tubs, urinals, showers
    Type of Blockage Build ups, grease & light roots
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