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RIDGID K9-12 FlexShaft

RIDGID K9-12 FlexShaft

SKU: 76188

The Ridgid K9-12 Wall-to-Wall Drain Cleaning Machine is the ultimate solution for tackling drain cleaning tasks with precision and ease. Engineered with Ridgid's renowned craftsmanship and innovation, this robust machine is designed to meet the demands of professional plumbers and drain cleaners alike. Its versatile, wall-to-wall cleaning capability ensures that no clog or obstruction goes unchecked, making it perfect for both residential and industrial applications. The K9-12 boasts a flexible yet rugged construction, enabling it to effortlessly navigate through pipes, bends, and traps, removing debris and obstructions efficiently. Equipped with a an onboard clutch for reliable performance that gets the job done right the first time. Take your drain cleaning expertise to the next level with the Ridgid K9-12.



  • Wall-To-Wall Clean - Chain knocker fully expands inside the pipe reaching wall-to-wall, clears the blockage and restores the pipe to full flow capacity.
  • Less Mess & Quick Clean Up - FlexShaft cable is fully enclosed in a flexible yet durable nylon-sheath and fully enclosed in housing for less mess and quick clean up.
  • Intuitive Use & Ergonomic Design - Powered by any standard 1800-2500 RPM cordless drill (Drill not included)
  • Cable Protection System - Built-in clutch design extends cable life to maximize uptime
  • Lightweight System - Less than 10lb (4.5 kg) unit is a clear first choice to tackle slow or blocked drains.
  • Versatile Storage and Use - Robust design enables machine to be stored vertically and also allows drill to be positioned in multiple orientations during use.
  • Adaptable Accessories - Compatible with plain chains, carbide chains, penetrating heads, brushes and more
  • Application - Ideal for Light Residential Blockages.
  • Specifications

    Cable Length 9.1 m
    Cable Diameter 6 mm
    Area of Application Sinks, Tubs, Showers
    Type of Blockage Soft Blockages, Build Ups, and Grease
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