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Tiger cyclone chain for high speed drain cleaning

Tiger Cyclone Chain

SKU: 1381084075V

The Tiger Cyclone Chains are an excellent option for finishing
touches in cleaning jobs, as they bring the pipe back to
almost original condition. Like Picote’s Standard or
Premium Cyclone Chains: these chains utilise centrifugal
force to centre the tool inside the line, providing excellent protection for damaged or fragile pipes.
The Tiger Cyclone Chains offer a gentle cleaning option for
cast iron pipes due to their lightweight design without
sacrificing longevity.
Tiger Cyclone Chains are manufactured from high quality
4mm or 4.5mm (⁵⁄₃₂ or ³⁄₁₆”) stainless steel links
(depending on the size of the tool) and are available for
8mm (⅓”), 10mm (³⁄₈”), & 12mm (½”) shaft sizes.

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