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Tiger Original Chain

Tiger Original Chain

Tiger Original Chains


The Tiger Original Chains are specialized tools developed for
aggressive cleaning and liner removal jobs. Equipped with
extra-hard carbide teeth, they shred through the toughest of
obstacles at any jobsite.
Compared with the Picote Standard and Premium Chains, the
Tiger Chains fit neatly between the two - speeding up the
descaling & removal process compared to the Standard
Chains, while offering extended life over the Premium Chains.
Tiger Chains are manufactured from high quality 3.5 or
4.5mm (⁹⁄₆₄ or ³⁄₁₆”) stainless steel links (depending on the
size of the tool) and are available for 8mm (⅓”), 10mm (³⁄₈”)
& 12mm (½”) shaft sizes.

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