Tiger Twister Liner Remover

Tiger Twister Liner Remover

Tiger Twister (with Tiger Front Metal Panel)
The Tiger Twister is a fast and efficient reinstatement cutter that
produces a clean, impressive reinstatement every single time,
even in fiberglass liners and UV resins. It has a precision
manufactured milling plate equipped with the specially
hardened Tiger carbides. Attach the Tiger Front Drill Head to the
Front Metal Panel and you have a superior tool for reinstating
connections and removing collapsed liners. In our tests it has
proven to be more than 2X faster at removing a collapsed lining
than the Twister Liner Remover. Tiger Front Metal Panels are
also compatible with our Smart Cutter™ Hubs.
Tiger Twisters are available for pipes from DN100-200 (4-8”) and
the Tiger Front Metal Panels are available in 58-175mm (2 ⁹⁄₃₂ - 6
²⁹⁄₃₂") sizes. The plate thickness is 6mm (¼“) and it is constructed
of high quality sand-blasted aluminium


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