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Tiger Twister Liner Remover

Tiger Twister Liner Remover

Tiger Twister (with Tiger Front Metal Panel)
The Tiger Twister is a fast and efficient reinstatement cutter that
produces a clean, impressive reinstatement every time,
even in fibreglass liners and UV resins. It has a precision
manufactured milling plate equipped with specially
hardened Tiger carbides. Attach the Tiger Front Drill Head to the
Front Metal Panel, and you have an ideal tool for reinstating
connections and removing collapsed liners. Our tests have
proven to be more than 2X faster at removing a collapsed liners
than the Twister Liner Remover. Tiger Front Metal Panels are
also compatible with our Smart Cutter™ Hubs.
Tiger Twisters are available for pipes from DN100-200 (4-8”), and
the Tiger Front Metal Panels are available in 58-175mm (2 ⁹⁄₃₂ - 6
²⁹⁄₃₂") sizes. The plate thickness is 6mm (¼“), and it is constructed
of high quality sand-blasted aluminium

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