As part of an upgrade of cancer treatment equipment at a UK Hospital for client The NHS (National Health Service), comprising the installation of a new linear accelerator used for radiotherapy treatment, buried ducting which is used to carry vital cabling for the new unit was inspected and found to be subject to groundwater infiltration and condensation.

Given that the cabling that the ducting is used to carry costs something around £70,000 for 25 m (£2,800/m), it was decided that the ducts needed to either be replaced or rehabilitated to ensure that they remained water- and air-tight over the life expectancy of the Radiotherapy unit. The former option was discounted due to the location of the ducts within and beneath the hospital building, as this would have caused significant disruption and inconvenience to both the operation of the hospital and its patients. So, a renovation solution was investigated to rehabilitate the four 20 m long, 100 mm diameter ducts.

Metro Rod HLP (Hull, Lincolnshire & Peterborough) was contracted to complete the works, which would turn out not to be a simple, straightforward renovation operation.