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SB Drain Services Ltd, Picote Concrete Cutting Success

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Mid October 2021, Steve Butler from SB Drain Services undertook a challenging concrete cutting project. The pipe was blocked with concrete in 2018 when a piling company poured tonnes of concrete on a nearby building project. As a result, the 3-metre deep DN150 pipe had 5 metres of concrete blocking the effluent flow, leaving the site without working toilets. With no chance of digging to remove the concrete, the site manager had no choice but to install temporary portable toilets.

The busy site required working toilets, and after many years of trying to find a solution, the site manager gave Steve Butler from SB Drain Services Ltd a call.

Steve, knew he had the right tool for the job, a Picote Midi miller. In turn, C J Kelly international Limited helped with some additional support, helping Steve select the correct cutting tools for this challenging project. One such tool used on this project was the Picote Tiger Twister liner and concrete remover; with its aggressive yet hard-wearing cutting head, it was clear to see it was the right tool.

Over five days, the SB Drain team successfully cut out 5m of concrete, with the 6th day spent on site installing structural patch repairs where required.

Steve Butler Director of SB Drain Services Ltd said
" We knew the Picote machine was capable of concrete removal, but we're impressed by the Picote's cutting performance."

Martyn Kelly, Director of C J Kelly International Said
" Whilst the tools played a key part in the success of this project, it couldn't have been completed without the skilled engineers from SB Drains Services Ltd."

C J Kelly has been supplying picote tools for over a decade, and we love to see and hear of your successes. If you would like us to share your Picote story or if you wish to learn more about the tools and products available from C J Kelly international, please contact us, and we'll be in touch.

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