Battery Powered Mini Cleaner

Battery Powered Mini Cleaner

Expected spring / summer 21 


The cordless battery powered Mini Cleaner makes quick work of cleaning and descaling, internal pipework within the size range of 32mm - 100mm. This pint-sized powerhouse can clean and descale p-traps, pool lines, urinals, toilet stacks and more. With a shaft length of 16m and the flexibility to navigating 90° bends, the Battery Powered Mini Cleaner from Picote can easily tackle those tough hard to reach blockages. Included with the Mini cleaner is a 32mm & 40mm tool package containing 32mm & 40mm cleaning brushes, 32mm & 40mm cleaning chains, and 32mm & 40mm polishing panels and hub. The included standard battery is suitable for up to 3 hours of continuous work, whilst the optional upgrade battery run time is up to 4 hours.



  • 8mm Shaft with Flexible Outer Casing High-Speed Cleaning 
  • DN32-100
  • Cutting DN32-75
  • DN32-100 Max Range: 16m (no extension). 
  • Weight: 33kg. 
  • Standard Battery Weight: 3.5kg 
  • 800-2200rpm Stepless Speed Control (forward & reverse) Includes Cleaning Tools Package DN32-40



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