The North of England has long been famous for not just its wonderful landscapes, world renow

ned cities and the character of its people, it is also globally recognised as a major centre in the growth of the industrial economies we see today. Whilst like many parts of the UK the region has had its ups and downs alongside the vagaries of the economy it still boasts some of the UK’s largest industrial facilities.

Not least of these is a major soft drinks manufacturing plant which was recently the site of a challenging pipeline rehabilitation project undertaken by DALROD, a family run drainage industry service provider established in Peterborough in 1985. The project was completed using the BRAWOLINER® HT CIPP liner system, supplied by the UK Brawoliner distributor C.J. Kelly Associates of Peterborough. The project had apparently been looked at by other rehabilitation contractors but dismissed as not possible using currently available techniques.


At first glance it might appear to be just another pipe rehab project comprising the lining of some cast iron wastewater pipeline that carried effluent away from the soft drinks production process.