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vcam drain 30m

vCamDrain Wireless Reel


The vCamDrain features a Wi-Fi reel controlled by the vCam Mobile Controller (VMC) app. When connected to the reel by Wi-Fi, the VMC app controls the camera lights, distance counter reset, sonde and text writer. The app shows the reel’s Wi-Fi, battery, and charging status. Recording can be done directly to the app and instantly shared or copied to the reel’s USB port.

The stainless-steel 0.70″ (18mm) diameter HD camera with a sapphire lens and ultra-bright LEDs produces a crisp, clear image of the pipe’s interior. The 9mm custom pushrod provides a delicate balance of flexibility and pushing strength usable in lines from 1.5 to 3 inches. The drag-resistant nylon jacketing allows it to navigate multiple bends, tight turns, p-traps, and most toilet traps. Both camera head and spring assembly with built-in 512Hz frequency sonde are field serviceable.

The reel is powered by internal Li-ion batteries, which provide consistent, clean, long-life power. A six-hour charge will provide 12 hours of power with intermittent sonde use.


Key Features

  • Inspect lines from 1.5″ to 3″
  • Wireless reel used with mobile devices
  • VMC App controls all reel functions
  • Instantly share files
  • Navigate p-traps and toilet traps
  • 70 or 100-ft of custom pushrod
  • Included

    Description Qty Part Number

    vCamDrain Wireless Reel with


    1 n/a 
    Battery charger with power cord 1 UK
    Vehicle charging lead 1
    User manual 1 4.04.000241
    Camera and spring tools 2
    Skid, vCamDrain D18/D20-HD, 35mm 1
    USB drive 1
    Toolbag (empty) 1 4.02.000073
    Flat 2.5mm screwdriver for the skid 1
    Spring/Sonde assembly 1

    D18-HD camera head with standard




  • VMC vCam Mobile Controller App

    The vCam Mobile Controller (VMC) connects a tablet or smartphone to the vCam-6, vCamMX-2  or vCam drain controller via Wi-Fi and streams the live video into the app. The videos and pictures captured in the app can be shared using the tablet’s native sharing options.

    What is seen on the control modules LCD is duplicated in the vCam Mobile Controllers app screen. This allows the contractor to keep everyone off the job site while still allowing them to view the live inspection.

    One great feature of the VMC app is the ability to use the tablet or smartphone as a text writer when using the vCamMX-2 system. When using the app keyboard, the text will be sent directly to the control module’s screen in real time.

    Download the free vCam Mobile Controller app from the Apple or Google Play stores. 

    • Keep customers off the job site.
    • Add text to recording video or pictures
    • Record video in HD quality on a tablet or smartphone
    • Send customers photographs and videos while you are still on the job site
    • Share via the iOS or Android sharing features and file-share apps (DropBox, Box, OneDrive)

    Download Form Apple app store iOS 

    Download Form Goole Play for andriod

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